Here's what some of our amazing clients have to say about us!

Steve B.

Wow! What a COOL place. Literally and figuratively. Super clean and state of the art amenities with a really great staff! Chelsea and Vanessa are both pleasant and fun to chat with as you fill out your waiver. I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and have had both hips replaced so inflammation and pain are a norm for me. I have heard about this type of therapy before and always thought it was reserved for super elite athletes and the wealthy. When I heard about this spot in Manhattan beach I had to try it. Paige was amazing setting the whole visit up and making me feel like family. I did two minutes which really went by quickly because Chelsea was talking to me and encouraging me the whole time. The machine is really awesome! I feel amazing afterwards! My energy is way up and my pain is down.. If you are thinking about doing Cryo therapy you must visit! You won't regret it. Bravo guys. Thanks.. See you soon

Tanya S.

I sprained my ankle and went to Cryowave the next day. After receiving 5 treatments my ankle was no longer swollen and I was able to walk normal! I did 5 treatments within 3 days. You can do 2 a day as long as they are 4 hours apart. Paige the owner is fabulous! She was very knowledgable about the treatment and the chamber you stand in. The whole staff are very friendly and informative. I love the Kombucha on tap!! Someone is always standing right outside your chamber talking with you and monitoring the treatment level. I love that you don't need to make an apt. You just drop in, grab a locker, and change into your robe and socks (which they provide)! The treatments are only 3 minutes long.

Brianna B.

I had my first Cryo wave session yesterday and my body had such a fantastic reaction to the therapy.  The staff was very friendly and professional.  It was an experience like none I've ever had before.  Albeit a little cold the 3 minutes were absolutely worth it!  My knee (which I'm having operated on tomorrow) felt less painful and the swelling seemed to go down significantly.  My whole body felt relaxed and refreshed and I slept like an angel that night. I am truly looking forward to incorporating Cryo Wave into my post op recovery plan!  This is a must try for anyone with aches or pains seeking some serious relief or simply adding Cryo Wave into their recovery or health maintenance regime

Ken C.

Thank god their is a Cryo center in  the south bay!!!!

If your on the fence about trying it trust me, it works miracles.

I began cryo after slipping a disk in my back. Now I use it a couple times a week for maintenance. So to have one down the street so I don't have to commute to la is amazing!!

And this place is wayyyyyyyyyt better then some of the other locations I have been too.
The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous, and the location is very sleek and cool.

I don't usually yelp but I insist that you at least try out it once!!!

Kristin H.

I heard about cryotherapy from my doctor friend as a way to treat my pain. I've had both of my ACLs reconstructed and my back is still touchy from an old injury (thanks, rugby!). So I checked out Cryo Wave in Manhattan Beach. From start to finish, this was an awesome experience.

The facility is like a spa with Kombucha on tap. That's right, on tap. Super clean and comfortable, really friendly staff. I had tons of questions about cryo and the staff patiently answered all of them.

Being in the cryo chamber was a fun and weird experience. It was cold for sure, but it never felt painful or uncomfortable enough to get out before my 3 minutes were up. When I did get out, I immediately felt invigorated. Later that night, I felt like I had less knee pain, and I definitely had less swelling for the next few days.

Cryo is definitely worth a try, and I plan on going back to Cryo Wave regularly.

Cory F.

I was nervous about trying this place out... I'm not good with cold temperatures. I hurt my back the day before during a workout and was in pain. After the treatment I couldn't feel the pain and I'm back to normal. Its better then an ice bath because you don't get wet.  

The staff is really nice and informative. They keep you company while your in the Cryo chamber to make sure you don't freeze and are okay. I highly recommend this after a workout,  injured, or if you do BJJ or Grapple.

Scott Z.

Okay, here goes. I have been playing hockey my whole life, and having been hit by tens of thousands of pucks, sticks, and bodies (being a goalie) can be rather painful. I am no longer young as I've entered my 40's...between ice hockey, CrossFit, running a few distance races per year, training, and generally working my ass off at life...I hurt. I am tired. I am constantly lacking energy. I do not feel like I can get my edge back. I'm a ninja without a weapon...

Enter Cryo Wave.

Session one was eye opening. In three minutes, I felt great. I left (after a long workday, and hockey the night before) feeling amazing, energized, and WITHOUT PAIN. This was everything folks built it up to be and more.

- Sure, the first session gave me about 12-15 hours of relief, but I slept amazing for the first time in over a year.
- Over time, doing a few more sessions, the effects should get better and better.
- I was used to ice baths, cold tubs, and cold showers so this was not bad at all...even though the temps are 3x colder than the Cold Tub at my CrossFit box....it was easy in my mind.
- Chelsea chatted with me the whole time...it went super fast.
- The process could not be easier, and the facility couldn't be any nicer, or state of the art.

If you live in constant, droning, pounding, or lingering pain like I do...go, try it out. This will not only help with my sports pains, but with my sleep regulation, mood, ability to handle stress, and energy level.

I am excited about all these benefits becoming a regular part of my life...I am excited to get my edge back and Cryo Wave is my newest weapon in the battle against life's stressors!


Darryl B.

I loved my 1st visit. The facilities is contemporary and very clean. The staff, Kelsey and Chesley were professional, informative, and patient, I shall return very soon.

Kylie R.

The staff is so kind, welcoming, and ready to set your mind at ease incase you have any concerns or hesitations! My husband and I enjoyed the full body cryotherapy chamber and it was so cool doing it together. Before and after we sipped Kombucha from the tap and chatted benefits of Cryotherapy with the staff. I notice immediate benefits with a decrease in inflammation in my joints and I also enjoy the wonderful side-effect of deep sleep! Such a wonderful experience from beginning to end. I have recommended this to others and will be back for sure!

Daniel R.

Cryo Wave is amazing. The staff is the kindest and most helpful. I could not say enought about them. As for cryotherapy, I am amazed! I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 11 years and have tried anything and everything. Nothing really helped. I have been coming to Cryo wave for 2 weeks and I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in 11 years. It is giving me my life back. I am close to being pain free. Inflammation is down and almost completely gone. Anyone who deals with daily pain deserves this. Thank you Cryo Wave!

Cameron S.

"The team here is not only organized and willing to work with you but they are a lot of fun and make the experience enjoyable. I have gone in for about 10 treatments now and so far I can say this has been a positive experience. The swelling in my knee has decreased and they recently got a new compression treatment which I would recommend as its great for circulation and healing.Great facility and staff. Very clean and always fresh robes socks and gowns to wear. They also hookup free Kombucha while you wait."

Jennifer M.

From athletes, to sports injures to people battling medical issues, Cryowave serves an eclectic mix of clientele.  Cryowave has literally given me relief from an undiagnosed medical problem.  I do the full chamber daily and it's been my saving grace, reducing inflammation throughout my body.  

The staff are phenomenal.  Each and every one of them is knowledgeable, caring and efficient at what they do.  The facilities are always kept brand spanking clean.  And the regulars who go there are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

I can't vouch for the men's side, but the ladies have personal lockers, robes, socks and disposable undergarments.  Make sure you leave your jewelry at home.  You can't wear it while having a treatment.  

And my best tip: dance while you're in the chamber to your favorite song.  It helps to make the time fly by.

John R.

Cryo Wave has been a key ingredient in my journey to living a healthier life style.  The treatments in the chamber have assisted my recovery process after workouts at the gym.  The friendly staff does an excellent job of maintaining the premises and knows its customers on a first-name basis.  Paige, Kelsey and Vanessa's inviting personalities always make the experience enjoyable.  The music selection while in the chamber is a nice touch.  There are lockers (with keys) for personal items as well.  I would highly recommend the cryo chamber for anyone dealing with inflammation-related issues.  Remember, you only have one body.  Life is too short to go through life dealing with unnecessary pain, especially when there are options like Cryo Wave available to assist you.  Take a bow Cryo Wave.  You are helping people maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Kristin R.

Four months ago, I underwent a Right Thoracotomy and Decortication, basically a major thoracic surgery to remove a life threatening infection that had loculated my right lung cavity.  I have been very physically active my entire life!  I taught Aerobics for 10 years in the 90’s, ran long distance for most of my adult life and have spend many hours in the gym working on strength training or learning any of the newest forms of functional movement.  With all of that said, I knew I was going to need to have a plan to approach my recovery from surgery. It was late July that I was so fortunate to meet the wonderful staff at Cryowave!  As the General Manger of Manhattan Bread and Bagel we are “neighbors” and I had nothing to lose trying out this treatment.  I noticed immediate reduction in the physical inflammation around my incision just for starters.  I continued to go every day and the benefits I noticed were beyond what I had ever expected.  I was adjusting to a regular program of “activity”, mostly walking.  I had a lot of inflammation in my shins that vanished, my stamina to get through my work day improved, the internal inflammation and numbness from surgery decreased, my sleep was deeper and on an emotional level I felt less anxious and stressed.  I am so happy to say that I am now back to a very basic strength training program and feel amazing!  I have honestly never felt better!  I go to Cryowave at least five days a week.  I look forward to the invigorating FREEZE of the Sauna and the Chamber!  I like to use both methods as I feel each of them is slightly different and I like the variety!
I plan to continue going to Cryowave indefinitely!  If I can keep inflammation in my body minimal, I know I will be protecting my body from many health issues.  I am so grateful to the supportive staff, their concern, their knowledge and their bright smiles when I walk through the door each day!!! The team alone is a significant part of the positive outcome of the experience!
Thank you so much, Paige, Chelsea and Kelsey for all of your genuine support during my recovery!

Cole R.

Paige and her crew are amazing! I got a 2 month unlimited membership because I wanted to see the full effects of cryotherapy on my body. By the end of the 2 month period I lost 20 pounds and had more energy throughout the day to get my workout in. The cryo also helped me a lot with muscle recovery when I came in post workout and helped with sleep at night. Cryo wave is now an essential part of my wellness and health routine!!!

Darren F.

"I am a 33 year old former college athlete turned contract security provider with many many lingering injuries.  I used to have my knees drained of fluid due to torn tendons and swelling, torn rotator cuff, dislocated shoulder(s), fractured hip, broke all my fingers, fractured vertebrae, the list goes on...In order for me to not wake up in pain I've tried ice/heat routines, chiropractors, pills, everything you can think of.  When I first started doing cryo, not only did it give me this huge rush when I stepped out, but I noticed a serious decrease in inflammation which equaled a decrease in pain throughout my entire body on the very first day.  The best thing about it is it's like the first time every time, meaning your body doesnt adapt to it.  I've been able to push myself at the gym, at work and overall in my life.  Cryo works, its not a gimmick, I didnt get paid to say any of this, it actually works.  It takes only a few minutes in and out and the effects last throughout the week.  No more popping tons of advil, aleve, or any other pain killers every morning and night just to get normal.  Granted I know it hasnt reconnected tissue, given me 'Wolverine' like healing powers or worked any crazy miracles but its given me a better quality of life. I can definitely say its more effective (and cheaper) than anything else has been up until this point.  TRY IT! Dont just take my word for it, it helps." -Darren F.

Cass C.

I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS CENTER!!!! As a healthcare worker, I am constantly reading about health and ways that I can improve my longevity. I came across Cryo wave in early March after I left my doctor's office with some bad news regarding my HS CRP, which is an inflammation marker that can predict morbidity. I was so scared and frantic. I went to Cryo Wave and one of the managers (Chelsea) took me under her wing and calmed me down, explained the process and got me started with therapy immediately. After going every day for two weeks, I started feeling some changes. My mood and sleep improved. I recovered from my really tough workouts quickly. This prompted me to return to my doc and have the labs redrawn . My Dr. was speechless when the results came in !!!!! I essentially no longer had any risk associated with inflammation. Cryo Wave helped me to reverse the inflammation. Everyone at the shop is compassionate and happy to help. Paige is humble and just a wonderful person who puts the client's needs first! The space is always clean and inviting!!! I would recommend this place to everyone!!!!